False Advertisement


sponsor:Motorola V3 Pink Razr phone kit unlocked with $29 next day shipping at ubid.com

When you click on the link for the $29.95 phone, the actual price is $259. Isn’t this an illegal bait and switch?


Maybe there’s very small print or a link that says you have to sign a contract with a service provider for x number of years . . .


Uh, I read the ad as saying that SHIPPING is $29, not the phone.


//sets fire to lshiv


I admire your restraint.






//sets fire to pink RAZR, transforming it into black RAZR

There you go, these are much cheaper than the pink one…


damn verizon for not having the cool razr fon. especially the preblackened one.

…dreaming of pink and black RAZRs…


Speakin’ o’ phones . . . I just have to laff when I see folks with the phone that clips around the ear . . . all I can think is, “There goes another Lieutenant Uhura wannabe.”


samsung has a phone almost exactly like the razr, only its better, you might look into that one if you want something like a razr


And you were going to check dullpenny for me when you got home yesterday?


Verizon does have the razr.