Family Breakfast

2 eggs for 3 people? That is a meager breakfast…

Missed blue milk opportunity

Awesome shirt

Awesome shirt

Does Vader have to sometimes “force” his kids to eat their breakfast?

drum riff

Somehow, this reminded me more of V for Vendetta than Star Wars.

must be the apron.

He looks like a much better cook than Aunt Beru.

What concerns me in this case is that your t-shirt will clearly be trading off the established Lucasfilm character (after all, you would not have created your version of the character if Star Wars was not such a huge success) - to me it therefore seems quite plausible that Lucasfilm would see your actions as diluting the brand and infringing their merchandising rights.

I’ll just assume it’s a small pan that only allows 2 eggs at a time. The rest of the eggs are in a safe location waiting to be cooked.

I’m guessing that would be called “force feed”…

One should not wear a cape while cooking at the stove – serious fire hazzard.

It’s a great shirt. Honest. I laughed.

But I just cannot support Ramy, being that the dude always wins here.

Next time! May the force be with you!

I have to admit, I squealed when I saw this made it (not that I had any doubt, really) because I really wanted to get it for my husband for Christmas. Congrats to the designer! I know a lot of people think there were things that could have been done differently/better, but I’m happy with it and think he did a great job.

When life hands you lemons, Force Squeeze the life out of them.

“Use the Fork, Luke!”

There’s really nothing like Force squeezed orange juice in the morning.

I think you mean “World’s Worst Dad.”

Only Lord Vader would use metal utensils on a non-stick pan. Everyone else knows to use plastic or silicone.

Well, there’s no place setting (or chair, for that matter) for Mr. Vader, so his doctor probably recommends a cholesterol-free diet of sorts that would prevent him from breaking his fast with his children.

I’ll admit it: the writeup actually made me tear up. I hate tragic stories…