Family Guy Talking TV Pals

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New Family Guy Talking TV Pals, for $9.99 + $5 shipping
Product: 1x Excalibur 344 Family Guy Talking TV Pals

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Does Stewie have cornrows?

I was going to buy it until I see that for some reason stewie is black with cornrows, lol

Well, he doesn’t exactly look caucasian…

This must be the racially approved toy of the month.

Um… is it just me or does Stewie have really dark skin?

Do these guys eat through batteries?

Why is Stewie black?

This must be from the BET version of Family Guy. It’s just not the same.

Is this from the Brazilian version or something? Stewie looks way too tan.

Wow. This sounds super annoying.

In for one for the niece and nephew.

Stewie looks a little messed up.

The last Stewie device I picked up from woot looked weird too. You’d think a simple hand drawn character like that would be easy to make in plastic, but apparently not.

This would get annoying fast

I had $15 in my PayPal account and didn’t have anything better to waste it on… worst case I will give it to my friend Bob for a late birthday present if it sucks… hee hee

Cool, Brian and Webster. I’m gonna hold out for the Peter and Weezie Jefferson model.

Some items on Woot you wonder why they’re on here… others (like this one) you know EXACTLY why they’re trying to be sold on Woot!!

Talk about horrible craftsmanship.

Come on guys, Stewie is black because this is on You think they would sell any of these in the stores like that? :smiley:

Freaky looking Stewie. And it seems like it would get really annoying fast if you keep it on.

Cleveland is Stewie’s real dad.