Family Guy Talking TV Pals

Please note:

The lighting is probably off on the woot picture. Here’s another one:

And here’s the normal stewie:

(No, he doesn’t have corn rows, that’s how the illustrator draws his hair)

Perhaps it’s Stewie from “The Tan Aquatic with Steve Zissou” where he gets obsessed with tanning.

I love how stewie’s black!

Can I assume that the “Talking” is in english? All signs point to no…

This is more than just slightly disturbing.

LOL, Stewie looks like Rilo Brown from The Cleveland Show. =P

I know exactly where you are coming from and it makes me sad that my siblings haven’t had any children.

Also, woot should post audio samples.

Come on guys, with a feature like “Rests securely on any flat surface” how can you go wrong?

EDIT: also, since this responds to “any remote control” it is probably sensitive to any IR source–so place it directly across from you Wii sensor bar for hours of non-stop commentary.

I used to have a Beavis and Butthead version of this (swag from the movie release). Yes, the novelty wore off shortly and became quite annoying. Don’t remember where it ended up. Probably gave it to someone to annoy their friends.

Will this rest securely on my Sansa?

I actually have one of these with Beavis and Butthead! Same deal, they’re sitting on the couch and it’s triggered by the remote control. Let it sit up there for about 3 days before I wanted to throw it out the window. Now it sits around with no batteries in it, preserving my sanity, collecting dust, and hopefully gaining in value. I plan on asking for at least $3 some day…

Buy it for someone you want to annoy.

Edit: Found a picture of one just like it!!BTw2i4w!mk~$(KGrHgoOKjUEjlLmU)7+BKKHMsoTDg~~_1.JPG]

Anyone have a list of the sayings, or a link that does list them?

Hehe - You and I were probably typing and thinking the exact same thing at the exact same time.

I noticed it said point any remote at it and puss a button, but I’ve seen some items not work with newer remotes. Does anyone have proof that this will work with ANY remote?

Btw, Froogled. This thing is $24.95 everywhere else.

hehe, well there WAS one episode where Stewie got super tan…

I agree. Stewie’s skin is 7 shades too tan. no hate

We all know…
that people are the same wherever you go…

Lois, if it comes out with nappy hair it ain’t mine…

I know the Chinese think we all look the same, but Stewie? really???