family Sayings


I would like to know what is your favorite Saying you heard in your family and what it means.I would also like to know who said it. if you could e-mail me @ [e-mail address removed] (it could be clean, dirty, funny sad, you get the point)


Dear sweet ol’ gramma:




Thank you

any one else?
send it to a friend have them email me or post it either way

Thanx again


“He’s like an old shoe!”
My mom, talking about someone who is easy-going and comfortable to be around.


Thank you Buckeye


My dad:

If s/he ran off at the bowels like s/he does at the mouth, s/he’d have a shlt hemorrhage and die.


Thank you



My son’s like to drive comfortably, both feet flat on the floor.

Call me if you get lost but don’t tell me you’re at the corner of Walk & Don’t Walk.


Thank you


“Your a$$ is named Dennis.”



how’s the temp in the basement these days?



Could be a little warmer, but that’s not the real issue at hand. The real issue here is your late-night galavanting and leaving me to fend for myself. There has not been a pizza roll in this house for over three days and last night, I had to resort to bong-hitting Newport butts after I went through my last carton.




But is the beer still cold?


What does it mean?


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I’m sorry, I have been so selfish, just thinking of myself.
Sweetie, did you not check the big freezer in the basement? I thought there was plenty of stuff in there for you…
Newports? Oh hon, I thought i raised you better than that…


Penalty: Delay of thread. 5 posts.


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