Famous Maker 10.1" 16GB Android Tablet

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Famous Maker 10.1" 16GB Android Tablet
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Time to learn all about the processor


HP 10

Edit: Yup JeremyHenderson, kmartind and giri09 are right. Updated the link.

I think it’s actually this one; the one in that link has 2gb of RAM, instead of 1gb.


This Woot says both 1.3 GHz and 1.0GHz so not sure which is correct.

Looks like an HP 2101. Two things: This model has been replaced by the 2201 and may not have continued support from HP, and it only has 1GB of RAM which is a little low for a large-screen quad-core tablet these days.

A little bit of a different indicator for performance, here are results from multiple devices using the Geekbench 3 benchmark. https://browser.primatelabs.com/geekbench3/search?utf8=✓&q=J6F00UA

Search your personal device if you want an idea of how this tablet performs.

And the specific SoC in the device:

Processor Review over at Tech Radar

[mod note: looks like a review on the OS, not the processor]

Nope, if we don’t list it, it won’t have it.

Here’s the product manual from the manufacturer’s site.

Ya, not like you’ve ever made an omission or an error. My bad!

Anybody found a 3rd party rom for this tablet? (CyanogenMod or …)

1280×800 pixels on a 10.1″ screen. For comparison, 1280×720 is the resolution of the 4.7″ screen on my 2013-model Moto X. Unfortunately, I do need the retina resolution, so I’m going to pass on this.

While your advice is good (customers should never assume the product has a spec that isn’t listed; it just sets us up for disappointment), if this actually is a debranded HP 10 2101 then it would have Bluetooth 4.0. In that case the only way it wouldn’t have it would be if they somehow physically disabled it as part of the debranding process.

Almost every single tablet released by any company since iPad 1 has Bluetooth. I can’t think of any notable exceptions, but I guess there are a select few at the ultra-low-end.

Based on the number of errors, omissions, incorrect captions, wrong pictures, etc. that we’ve all been privy to in listings your right that the best advice is not to assume, the best advice is to ask, that way you’ll never go wrong.

As tempting as that price is, I’m gonna have to pass. That’s an old, slow processor (as evidenced by its scores at Geekbench). 1 GB of RAM is just not great with a lot of modern apps and makes multitasking a chore. I current have an Acer A700 that I got from Woot and it’s similar to this. It has a slightly faster processor and a higher res screen, but it’s slower than molasses in January, even after rooting and putting CM11 on it. Even new it wasn’t very snappy under KitKat.

This might make a good e-reader if you don’t mind the lower resolution screen. I mostly use my tablet to read a PDF magazine I get every month and it works fine for that, but browsing and e-mail are almost too slow to tolerate.

Bullshavik. Of COURSE it has bluetooth. 4.0

It can’t have. Because, even though we all know errors are made frequently, “agingdragqueen” made it clear when my question was answered definitively with “If we don’t list it, it won’t have it.” I mean that’s quite a statement which can only be taken to mean we don’t make mistakes, and implies you should know better than to ask the question. I doubt anyone would appreciate having their question answered that way but maybe it was just the end of a long day or something.