Famous Maker 14" Dual-Core 16GB SSD Chromebook

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Famous Maker 14" Dual-Core 16GB SSD Chromebook
Price: $169.99
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Condition: Refurbished


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The specs seem to be of HP 14-Q010nr

This Highly Powered, Hugely Popular Chromebook is a great little machine for the money. The keyboard is good (actually, GREAT, for a netbook). The monitor has good quality and color, and the machine has reduced the workload on my laptop by about 80%.

I don’t see anything about a DVD drive. There isn’t a place to use them is there?

Optical Drive says “None”

Chromebooks are really for internet-only tasks.

its a netbook, not a notebook. They are solid state drive little workhorses.

So no, there is no in-unit CD player (do people even use those anymore?) but there is a place to plug in an external one if you so desire.

while you can plug in an external optical drive, you can’t play movies or music. you could only view the data files and move them to the chromebook. ChromeOS does not support optical drives.

One could always download and use a different OS not based on Linux

Does anybody see anything about audio outputs? RCA is imaginary, optical or coax would rock, but I am thinking a headphone jack is the best it would have. Still not bad to stream LQ MP3s, Pandora, etc.

Looks like a certain Hope’n’Pray netbook.

Good price, Woot. Very tempting. Hmmm…

Any word on battery life on this guy? That is the make or break stat that I need to know.

I understand that Famous Maker is the favorite brand of Area Man.

if this is the same as the HP cromebook sold here for ~199 with 200mb of T-mobile data for life (less the data).
then, this is a nice unit for surfing.

runs pandora, battery life is like 8 hours. fast to re-charge. I put a 64gb sd card in it… video is good. (enough)

I use if for reading pdf files, surfing, and on some on the road emails.

overall happy with it, but need to spend some time working on the wireless printing.

-drivers (play store) are sort of lacking.

OTOH, I haven’t really spent a lot of effort setting it up.

the ones they had left were ‘coral’ and ‘green’. this is the white one I got.

not too heavy either.
-recommended at this prince.

well, you are not going to install windows or iOS on this. Any other OS would be linux based. but yes, if you installed Ubuntu or other linux distro, then you could use the external Optical drive which supported it. But out of the box, optical drives are not supported.

Looks a whole lot like this one, too.

BTW, for info such as specs, click the “specs” tab under the picture of the item on the sale page. (For those who didn’t see it.)

Anyone know if this particular Chromebook will play nice with Netflix and Amazon Prime Videos?

From prior sales: Netflix is a go, as well as Hulu; Prime I’m not sure.

List of Chromebook apps

Oh a Famous maker, sweet!!

who buys Chrome Books? these things will work well for like 6 months, then you might as well throw them away. 6 months might be generous.