Famous Maker 20” LCD Monitor with DVI


I bought a “Famous Maker” 20" last time Woot was selling them for $99.99. I bought a DVI to Mini Displayport adapter, plugged it in to my Mac, and it worked perfectly. Nice colors and sharp. I’ve noticed 2 dead pixels, but they’re out of the way and not noticeable at all unless you’re specifically looking for them…

I bought the 24" model a few months ago and I love it. This is really really nice.

However, the base is not a post, but rather an adjustable hinge that sticks out in the back. If you push the monitor against the wall, the hinge will hit the wall and the face will stick out 12" from the wall. Because of this, my wife could not use it on her desk because it would take up too much space. Since I use a picnic table for my computers and ozone machines, space is not a problem for me.

Look up the HP monitors to see a better picture of what I’m talking about.

I want the piggy :smiley:

I will also pile on the Costco bandwagon. In addition you can also buy things on Costco.com, often get free shipping and return it to any Costco store. For example I got a 32 inch Samsung for $500.00 new. Maybe not the greatest deal but a very fair one with two year warranty.

What model Mac? What graphics card?

I’ve seen a comment on the 23" Woot edition tonight that claimed problems with a MacBook Pro.

Me too! I’ve had really good service at Costco - and once and awhile a real steal! Many drives returned and refunded at purchased price, a DV camera from Costco.com … And probably the best buy I’ve gotten (before the Energizer “Light on Demand” 3packs on sellout.woot!)

In 2006 I bought a set of “Klipsch iFi Speaker System for iPod” at Costco for $149 - and they are to this day the best portable system I’ve ever heard: tiny.cc/ifi_1

They stopped making them - but Amazon Marketplace has a new set for $699 & used for $200

I bought 2 of these the last time they were on. Very Clear picture. Nice Screen.

What is necessary to use this monitor as a TV? I assume it can be done… am I wrong?

This looks like a rebadged HP or a HP knockoff.

I’ve got a small LCD I bought from woot in September of 07 and haven’t had any problems at all out of it. It was new though, not refurb. I don’t particularly like the idea of buying a tv refurb anyway. Never bought a refurb monitor either.

Refurbed HP if I ever saw one.

I’m using my 20" with a MacBook Pro, 4 gb ram, running Snow Leopard.

Works flawlessly. Also, the calibration software that’s preinstalled on macs is fantastic. Completely transformed the way my monitor looked.

Side note,Woot is clearing out their “sold” inventory. I ordered something on the 29th and it shipped today ! If it is(it’s its ?) not in their warehouse, Woot does not have to count it! Good for us.

I was about to order one of these off of woot when I found 21 inch emachine monitors on sale at staples with free shipping for $99.

Why did I get charged $7 in tax? I ordered to MO if that makes a difference. I didn’t see the charge until after it had charged my credit card.

I am looking at monitors for my Ergotron 4-monitor stand, but the back of the monitor appears not to have any screw hole pattern on the back (either 75 x 75mm or 100 x 100mm will work). Can someone with this monitor tell if there is such a mounting pattern on the back of the monitor?

in the specs i see: Supports High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP) to prevent transmission of non-encrypted high definition content

so, my question is, why would i want to "prevent transmission of non-encrypted high definition content " ?

I have to agree with this plus the comments from jwheck. Mine arrived in perfect working order with no dead pixels, cracks, scratches, etc. My picture looks GREAT using VGA. I paid $10 more from a recent woot, and I paid about $20.00 for a two year Square Trade extended warranty. So, my total price was around $125.00. As mentioned before, there is a glare from the glossy screen, so if you’re using it in a bright room, you may have some glare issues.

Woot has a small office in St. Louis, so Missouri customers have to pay sales tax. It wasn’t always that way. The taxes started being charged around a year ago.