Famous Maker 20” LCD Monitor with DVI

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Predicted hour and a half. fail.

Is it possible to use this just as a TV? I figure it doesn’t have a tuner, but what else would I need to convert it to DVI from a digital tuner?

Want it as a TV for the garage.

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that is, i assume, the case here. click its box.

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how 'bout buying one… something…

That’s what she said…


…the milkshake that is.

own the 22 inch version and it is great.

You do realize EVERY monitor supports that? It’s a law and is built into HDMI connectors as well.

It’s a “feature”. It basically allows the media conglomerates an ability to shut down your ability to view certain types of content. Such a selling point.


when we getting a shirt woot off?

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I bought three last week, and I just bought two more. These monitors are excellent with a great price.

Just in case no one has said this yet…

If you are wondering if you can use this as a TV/Game Console screen, do you have the capability of using the computer monitor you are currently staring at as one? If so, you have the proper cables, if not…buy one anyhow so I can get a Broad on a Carhood

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