Famous Maker 20” LCD Monitor with DVI


Yes. There is a cable available for the 360 that allows you to hook it to any VGA port.

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Can I get fries with that monitor?

I have the “Famous Maker” 24" and it is great! The speakers are shite but the picture is absolutely wonderful.

How many times do you have to say that!!! AHHH and cr@p is NOT a bad word on woot!, it’s a running joke…stay around long enough and you’ll figure it out. They do that with all “questionable” word selections.

Enjoy Wooting!

the white boxes strike again

Looks like I can go get some work done.

Mine just arrived yesterday, so far i’m very pleased, no dead pixels and a sweet widescreen!


Considering this is day 3: Wish granted

whut? joined yesterday? 29 posts? and no woots? whut?

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LMFAO one hour and thirty six minutes

they must have hundreds

makes ya wonder huh

yup Famous :slight_smile:

So clear and so bright
Like a diamond in the sky
Also good for p0rn

it has many alternative uses!

will you get it! you have posted this too many times!!!

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I hope he dosent get you a Roomba for Christmas

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