Famous Maker 20” LCD Monitor with DVI

whut? joined yesterday? 29 posts? and no woots? whut?

honky please.

LMFAO one hour and thirty six minutes

they must have hundreds

makes ya wonder huh

yup Famous :slight_smile:

So clear and so bright
Like a diamond in the sky
Also good for p0rn

it has many alternative uses!

will you get it! you have posted this too many times!!!

Yes. cr@p is a bad word on woot! Now cut the cr@p and buy some cr@ppy hp cr@p so woot will give us a b@g of cr@p!

Holy cr@p!!!

The strawberry milk shake has a vanilla heart with a straw through it. Symbolism?

I hope he dosent get you a Roomba for Christmas

Where have all the kitty pictures gone? This is the one time I actually kinda like catz, cuz dey are funay.

If it only did HDMI, I’d be on it like strawberry on a milkshake.

My house needs a new guest room. Please send me a BOC woot, or at least the box.

stop looking in the mirror

Yes, but is the monitor’s milkshake bringing all the boys to the yard?

Supports High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP) to prevent transmission of non-encrypted high definition content

yeah, thanks anyway.

You haven’t earn any respect with 29 posts and 0 WOOTS…

Put your money where you mouth is…

Was really hoping for something else to buy, but alas, I won’t have access to woot! after I leave work today.

Come on woot!, put up something amazing!

If anyone who hasn’t made up their minds whether to get this has read this far in the comments - I just got mine from the offering during “the regular season” and love it. It is slick looking and works great.

Oh, you must be new here. So I’ll explain it to you politely.

  1. Knock off the repeated posts.
  2. Woot uses word filters. It does not mean that “cr@p” is necessarily a bad word. It just means Woot likes to mess with us, and quite frankly, it’s much funner that way.
  3. Plus, it makes noobs ask “I didn’t type that – why did the filter put that in?”

I have a cable box. Can this be used as a TV?

LOL I can’t get anything done. Please end soon! I want my life back… (but not before I get a nice bag of crap)