Famous Maker 20” LCD Monitor with DVI

Boggy Old creature will appear Thursday at roughly 6:00 PM mark my words (why do I know this? Because I’ll be at work missing the B O C AGAIN)

no hdmi

It is unbranded HP, usally good stuff

LOL, yeah that’s how it goes for me too =) Every time. I’ve even found a way to look at this from work and not get caught, but it always is given RIGHT when I’m driving home from work =(.

Can still do HD over DVI.

isnt this the monitor that had a lot of people say was a bad buy last time it was on woot?

Screw the monitor…I want that shake!

i would kill for a strawberry shake right now

Just picked one up.

Awesome wootoff, but just can’t stay awa. . .zzzzzzzzzz

I own one – Grweat monitor had some issues with vista 64bit and the rotate feature till i read the install instructions. Use mine for photo editing picture is incredible

i dont know about the colors but these are awesome as far as keeping you warm. Just these on without a hat keeps you equally comfortable as with a full cap on. michigan winters are brutal.

What was the price on this?