Famous Maker 23” Widescreen Full HD 1080p LCD Monitor with HDMI

Methinks this is an HP.

A 5-star review on Amazon

just bought this two weeks ago the color on this thing is terific and it has worked flawlessly

and a Previous Woot

Or you could grab a NEW 23″ Samsung 1080p LCD Monitor for $5 more?

I know which one I am choosing :slight_smile:

What the hell is “factory-set resolution”?

164 refurb there. Note that there’s only one review at amazon, so it’s not a great spread of opinion.

Bought one of these a few months ago. Absolutely beautiful. Color quality is superb, and there’s not a dead pixel in sight. Once you’ve got a monitor this large, you’ll wonder how you managed before.

The only gripe, so to speak, is that my video card didn’t have HDMI out, so I had to get a DVI -> HDMI cable from monoprice. But the cable arrived quicker than the monitor!

youtube review.


Wait, the PC over at Woot! is an HP, but the monitor here at Sellout is a “Famous Maker”? Methinks there’s a little sibling envy going on there.

I bought this monitor last time during a Woot-off. It was a great purchase and I have no regrets. The screen is bright and the text is sharp at its native resolution of 1920x1080. The main reason I bought one was more work space (compared to a 1280x1024). Thankfully, it didn’t ship with any dead pixels.

If you’re looking for a widescreen monitor, you can’t beat a 23" at this price range.

It’s de-branded HP,here is HP support page with all info.

strange… this monitor is HDMI, but the PC over on woot isn’t. hmm…

That’s the native resolution.

Bought this from a previous Woot-off. Using it now - an excellent monitor and outstanding value. Will probably pick up another one at this price.

Boo, only one HDMI port. Would like one with two so I can plug in my xbox360 and my laptop. No DVI on the laptop and VGA sucks.

Hmm… not a bad deal…
Refurb - $145… or New Samsung… Total $180.61…decisions decisions.

err… Integrated speakers: 2 watts per speaker on these and none on the Samsung. I might need those 2 watt speakers.

Hook your laptop with VGA and your Xbox with DVI->HDMI adapter.

Don’t see the issue here.

Is this really the cheapest option for a monitor of this caliber?