Famous Maker 23” Widescreen Full HD 1080p LCD Monitor with HDMI

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I think “with VGA and HDMI” would be better phrased as “no DVI”

You can plug the DVI source into HDMI port with a right cable or adapter. And they are cheap too. But with DVI only monitor, and if your source has HDMI, you’re screwed!

I was considering it to replace my ill-bought HP L1910 square monitor, but it turns out this is another HP with some of the same problems, like a way-too-bright display light level that’s hard to get right. My POS also is poor to mediocre for video; that may not be an issue with this one, but the things are apparently on Woot cheap for a reason…

(The above is based on the YouTube review and the comments under it.)

I bought the 25" version of this monitor about 2 weeks ago and I must say that I am not disappointed. The picture is great, sharp colors, and no dead pixels. I would recommend this item as a good buy.

I’m currently using this monitor (to replace a 17" 1280x1024 LCD) and I’m glad I purchased it. Even as a refurb , the screen’s bright and the text is clear as ever at 1920x1080. Luckily, mine shipped with no dead pixels as well.

I would recommend this if you’re in the market for a widescreen. You can’t beat the price for a 23" from what I’ve seen.

Bought a total of two of these in two previous Woots, and have to say that they are AWESOME. No dead pixels on either of them, good color calibration, and perfect picture over the standard VGA DE-15 inputs.

These are de-branded HP w2338h monitors, with new stickers on the front, and cover-stickers on the back over the embossed logo (mine peeled off when I just brushed my hand over them). They’re de-branded to avoid flooding the market with too many of the name-brand product, which would force the price down, not because they have any defects whatsoever.

Honestly, if I had a need for another monitor I would jump on this NOW. Then again… the idea of going quad-screen /is/ pretty tempting.

And yes, no DVI inputs on them. Adapters to go to VGA DE15 or straight HDMI are cheap though.

The Product Website of the “famous maker”

As I’ve said before, I picked up one of these a few Woots ago, and I am incredibly pleased.

The colors are gorgeous, the resolution pristine, and there wasn’t a dead pixel in sight.

My only problem is that I’m now doomed to have a monitor of this size or larger. It’s totally spoiled me.

Size DOES matter.

Most monitors are shipped out defaulting to vastly too bright default settings. I have a similar debranded monitor, if your room is pitch black, a “brightness” of 8 is perfect for colours. Varies from model to model of course but I highly suggest cranking the brightness way down. give it an hour in the dark and you won’t miss it but will benefit from much reduced back light bleeding

Was gonna pick one up for my dad until I saw its depth listed as 19.4". Even the old man’s dinosaur monitor is sleeker than that. (I know, it’s also listed as 19.4 cm)

Ok, in for one, even if it’s listed as deeper than it is high.

Have it. Love it.

…if u don’t have one, buy it.

BTW… VGA+HDMI=best of digital and analog worlds… And yes DVI(+adapter) works

Hey Woot masters,

The dimensions in the specifications bullet are wrong.

The depth is listed as 19.4 inches and 19.4 cm.

I am guessing it should be 7.64 inches and 19.4 cm.

You can send the prize to my home address.


I bought this on a previous woot, and I love it! Other wooters said it was a rebranded HP, so when I got mine, I peeled off the sticker on the back and viola! HP logo.

No dead pixels, beautiful display, great price. The speakers are not great, but I don’t use them anyway. I just watched Avatar on Blu-Ray and it was gorgeous!

I’m in for another one.

It’s been reported but everyone that can fix it might be asleep. Lucky dogs.

I’m wondering if a slightly smaller, LED backlit would be a better alternative if i’m in the market for a new monitor? Is that where the trend is going with monitors/TVs??

No it just takes a different adapter to change HDMI to DVI. The video portion of HDMI and DVI are identical! DVI only monitors don’t have audio, so you need a seperate set of speakers – which most people would probably use anyway!

can i use this as a tv? Or with a ps3?

Nice wallpaper. Must be Ron Swanson’s monitor.