Famous Maker 23” Widescreen Full HD 1080p LCD Monitor with HDMI

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Famous Maker 23” Widescreen Full HD 1080p LCD Monitor with HDMI [Refurbished] - $149.99 + $5 shipping shipping

1 * Famous Maker TS-23M10 23” Widescreen 1080p 3ms LCD Monitor w/ HDMI, DVI and VGA

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grabbed a 24 incher for not much more… no issues at all.
says Famous Maker, but its a rebranded HP

oh how I wish it had component inputs as well to keep my xbox company…

I have bought two 20" “Famous Maker” monitors which arrived in perfect condition with no dead pixels or anything.

They are just debranded HP monitors. Only difference is it doesn’t have the HP logo and the base doesn’t swivel.

I am in for one of these, perfect Christmas gift for a friend.

that’s what she said…

A quick search on Newegg returned no monitors of the same size/resolution from a reputable mfr for cheaper than this one. Especially when you consider the cheap Woot shipping! =) It seems like a good deal.

This was offered up as a moofi not too long ago.http://moofi.woot.com/moofi/eastwood

Oh no, now there will be people who are unfamiliar with this asking who is the famous maker, etc. LOL.

I’ll just post my old posts, that are stored in automatic clipboard saver program.

I bought one of the 20" version of this monitor in October 2009, was $100.

A fantastic monitor. No dead pixels, sharp, clear, bright.

Here is HP’s support site for my 20" “famous maker” monitor:


And here is the HP logo on the back of the monitor, under a piece of plastic:


Oh… forgot to mention, this is a great price for a brand name 23" full HD monitor.

You can connect it to a Blu-Ray, DVD or other type player and it will look great.

Any chance this monitor is IPS?

I bought two of their 25" versions a while back for $50 more. Great monitor, and great value for your money.

oh man I need two of these. My 24" Gateway carped out on me last night. But I am really hesitant to get refurbs

Matching the spec sheet and images with the “Famous Maker’s” site, it looks to be an HP 2310m. Amazon has it for $220 new.

Amazon link

HP has it for $215 themselves.
HP link

Looks like a darned good deal, really.

Got the 23" last time. It’s dandy, and makes a great TV when hooked up HDMI to my DVD recorder with built-in tuner.

I’m a little confused by the description:

Is a separate VESA “wall adapter” required, or are the screw holes in the monitor already? In other words, will I have to buy anything else to attach two of these to my dual monitor stand?

No you won’t. It’s got the VESA holes on there. They are saying the wall mount is sold seperately.

I am usually hesitant about refurbished products, too, but at this price I am willing to take the risk.

Well I appreciated the product description. Another year of heart break and shattered dreams…

If you are concerned about refurbs check out the Square Trade warranty link. I use them on several of my electronics items. Great option.