Famous Maker 24” Widescreen 1080p LCD Monitor with HDMI

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Famous Maker 24” Widescreen 1080p LCD Monitor with HDMI [Refurbished] - $169.99 + $5 shipping

1 * Debranded TS-24L5 24” LCD Monitor with DVI/HDMI

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Everyone needs a Famous Maker.

How many times has this been up already this Woot-Off? Like a million?

Tyco Psycho ended suddenly. Even Woot couldn’t stomach it!

Did it just magically sell out or was I not paying attention?

cuz I bought 120

I’ve never seen a Domino’s in a food court!

Geez, I would insult these, but every time a monitor comes up I am SO tempted…

Hey, hey… whaddya know… LCD monitor… in for three…

I thinks its actually a trillion.

Famous Maker favors Dominoes pizza apparently…

Please… no. more. monitors!

What famous makers has Woot usually shipped out?

Haha, you too?

another famous maker hp refurb monitor?

When’s the flash mob? I’ll be there!

I’m guessing it’s the atlanta airport…

I want one made by Angelina Jolie… She’s famous.

i’d like to buy one with a healthy side of AIDS