Famous Maker 24” Widescreen 1080p LCD Monitor with HDMI

Barf…not the most appetizing pic to try and sell a monitor.

I was going to buy until I realized it was HP. No thanks, I’ve had enough of their shoddy products and “customer support”.

Our brains are on the same wavelength.

On a sidenote, I work at a Domino’s and I wonder what it would be like to work in one in a mall. I wonder if we’d deliver to other stores.


Does it come with attachments like the pedi pistol?

Pretty good actually. Too bad i’m not in the market for one. Says monitor but 1080p with built in speakers and HDMI input makes this one a winner.

I think the same thing is happening just like on that island in that show Lost…nose bleeds now

maybe these are returns from the start of the woot off!

just one picture?

She doesn’t make anything, she adopts.

i smell crap

Does Famous Maker sell good panels? I just bought a 22" Acer monitor that is absolutely great to replace the crappy CRT that the internet company I work at gave me. Yes, an internet company gave me a CRT monitor to work with. Needless to say I am still looking for a new job. Anyway I spent either 140 or 150 on the 22", but I feel like Acer is a better name when it comes to monitors than Famous Maker, but perhaps some owners of this brand can shed some light.

Also this has tilt AND swivel which is nice; most budget LCDs only come with tilt adjustments. Still I’d like to see one with height adjustments as well since I have pinched nerves in my neck and need to be able to adjust my monitor to perfect eye level.

how can it be that i havent used my credit card yet??? because there has been nothing i wanted that is why…and there are a bunch of things i would love to see…the worst woot ever ever ever…

Who wears white to a food court airport? So sad. Call the Woot fashion police! We need some FRS Radios! Breaker Breaker… Tommy Bahama to the food court! Stat!

says plaza del valle food court

Hey, a monitor. I was just thinking how the woot-offs need to offer more monitors…

Wow… that is cheap for a 60,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio AND HDMI. Would be in for 2 if I didn’t have a 26" monitor already… 2 of these bad boys would have been much better!

Why don’t you stop wondering, get off your ass, and make it happen.

If anyone does not have a working monitor - please raise your hand!

Let’s see - by my count, that’s ZERO!

OK Woot - I think that we are all good to go on the monitor front…

At least everyone who wants a monitor has definitely a chance to get one.