Famous Maker 24” Widescreen 1080p LCD Monitor

OMG a monitor

Okay, now I’ll concede no bag likely today.

Cant afford

Please go quick!

enough with the freaking monitors…

Amazon is dumping all its monitors and TVs today

HP debranded.

Such a tease…

Froogle search reveals same item for $175 elsewhere. Not bad.

this is a great bargain.
if i needed another one, would buy it in a minute.

Good price. It’s HP de-branded.

ARGH! I stayed late refreshing for this. Sod it. I’m going home. (Or as Cartman would put it, “Screw you guys, I’m going home.”

Hasta la vista!

Well, it’s gonna be a multi-day WOOT-OFF! No Bowl of Cereal today, it’s too late in the day now! See Y’all tomorrow!
Good night.

What is that, an Enigma?

Does anybody know if you can hook this up to a laptop and how would you do it?


No HDMI or else I might have bought it.

Wow… Refurb AND De-branded. Sign me up for 3. LOL.

You can get a new 23" from HP shipped for $170ish that has HDMI with the coupon code ACY58341
Or the 23" without HDMI new for $160ish shipped. The ish, btw is because of varying tax rates.

FWIW - these are really decent monitors - debranded HP.