Famous Maker 24” Widescreen 1080p LCD Monitor

They are usually a debranded HP. I own 2 of them.

This does NOT look like a HP monitor. so it worry’s me. That and I can’t afford it, but REALLY want it.

I thought this woot off was going to save me from my boredom at work today. Looks like i actually have to work… what a shame

Is that the Enigma machine at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago?

how are we supposed to know if this is a good deal?

Who can speak of the cosmetic condition of these items? I know that some refurbished items receive new encasement and are outwardly as new.

Does woot not ship to Alaska and Hawaii?

I live on a fort in Alaska, will putting Armed Forces Americas work?

What is “Famous Maker”? I’ve never heard of that brand before. Do they also make Bifurcations of Congress?

I have the 20" ‘Famous Maker’ (from the same famous maker) and I love it. No problems with it at all. Picked up on on a wootoff, of course!

This one is at a great price, too.

I just want to buy a roomba!

Or the 23" without HDMI new for $160ish shipped. The ish, btw is because of varying tax rates.

It’s a REFURBED Enigma! Looks like it’s been through a war!

tn or ips?

Not much effort to cover the HP history?

How has no one discussed what is on the monitor yet. What is that?

I use a DVI/HDMI cable and it works fine, on a different model granted.

Will this debranded device actually make me famous? Beats the hell out of my CRT here at this god awful job-a-ma-jig.

Trust Woot, buy 3

Don’t let the reburs scare you off. Going refurbished means going green u tree hugging hippies. Reduce,Reuse, Buy Reburbished!

Does not have a good selection of connections.

Not impressed for a refurbed price. For what they are asking I’d like the HP logo affixed to it.

Do a Google search … it seems like a LOT of vendors are dumping these monitors … and I cannot find a review of it!