Famous Maker 25.5-inch Vivid Color Full HD Widescreen LCD Monitor

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Famous Maker 25.5-inch Vivid Color Full HD Widescreen LCD Monitor
$259.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

Product List:

  • 1 TS-25W8HC 25.5" Vivid Color Full HD Widescreen LCD Monitor w/2 HDMI, Webcam, Tasklight, Card Reader

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nope not worth it

but good price for refurb

If i have a cable box with an HDMI output could i use this as a tv?

Famous Maker = HP’s old name. So basically you’re buying an HP product :wink:

Isn’t this the debranded HP 2408 (or whatever semi-arbitrary combination of numbers manufacturers use for models)

BriteView Technology Is an HP thing, and that really looks like HP’s logo on the bottom in the middle, this seems to be an indication as to who the famous maker is.

So if you trust Hp, and need a TV…

Buy three!

EDIT( spelling)

Is this a brand? Famous Maker? Sounds more like woot trying out some new street slang to describe a big monitor. I’m confused.


Yes, you could use this as a way to view any HDMI source. Its not limited to computers.
It’s essentially a tv without a cable tuner inside.

Seen this a few times before… What do they mean “Famous Maker?” They can’t say HP because its refurb?

Is the screen glossy or matte?

Who is “Famous Maker”? Why can’t they say? Do these perform the dreaded VAX “HCF” (Halt and Catch Fire) operand?

This is a good price. I’m liking the 3ms response time and Full HD.

Famous Maker= HP.

Look at the remote pic, that even has the “HP” logo on it…lol

Rebranded HP w2408h… New this monitor would cost upwards of $350.00!! this is the deal, and there are some useful tools attached to it too. what a unique monitor.

The Famous Maker label basically means its a refurbished monitor from another company. It’s been debranded from what it originally was. Usually they are debranded HPs

It’s Hp Monitor, maybe because of the price? I am not sure at all

hrmm…if you want to know this “famous maker” look at the remote control storage picture. The logo is on the picture.