Famous Maker 25.5-inch Vivid Color Full HD Widescreen LCD Monitor

1920×1200 resolution!
Awesome screen!


I got this HP product back on Woot towards the end of last year. A lot of people had problems with theirs, but mine has worked flawlessly.

Too expensive for a refurb.

In for 3!~!!!

The monitor gets very warm after prolonged use. Otherwise very clear.

Got to say these are outstanding monitors. Bought three last time. All in constant use. Never a problem.

why is everything sold out so quickly

I was hoping for something real nice but real cheap but I think they have blown through the low price, low volume stuff already. The TV might be up for a while.

Low volume items…seems like woot is cleaning out the basement.

Missed it! Got 2 last time, both work GREAT! Wanted one more…

Dear Woot,
Today, here is So Cal, it is still my birthday. Last WOOT OFF on my birthday was like 4 years ago. If you remember I thought I wonna bago catcaca and I waited 3 months for my my P&&P. Seems I didn’t win it after all. So I am not getting any younger,could you please let me win caca this time?
Very sincerely,

Wow. Got all three. Wouldn’t have expected that.

so, how much where they going for anyway?

Ditto on that, I may want want next time.

Well, based on the $5537.68/hour wage and the 16.914 second order pace (How do they calculate that based on only 1 order?), it works out to $259.99. That compares favorably but not spectacularly so to other stores selling this monitor.


And refreshingly good idea !