Famous Maker 25.5-inch Vivid Color Full HD Widescreen LCD Monitor

Now this is a MAN’s monitor.

hello? Anyone need an awsome monitor, this is it!!! GEEEEZ why did I just buy that Samsung!?!?!?! This thing better go fast!

Awsome monitor!


ummm… it has 1 gb?

I use two of these - great monitors!

hp says “LOOK MA! WE’RE FAMOUS!”

just goto ecost to get a name brand refurb. [link]http://www.ecost.com/ecost/ecplasma/category/category.aspx?Category=155439091[/link]

damn, in for 1

Just a few dollars less than similar NEW models from other “famous makers”.

I use it as a TV and a monitor… Love it … HDMI from my cable box and I am able to watch HDTV and use the DVI for my PC…

Well woth the $$

this looks like a great monitor. it also comes with a remote!

The photo of the remote has HP branding still on it lol

Hewlett Packard

If I needed a monitor, I would buy this! It looks great!

I am sure it is, just be sure to wipe it off when you’re done :wink:

There is such a thing as too much of a good thing.

Case in point: I bought a 42" LCD TV to use as a computer monitor a couple of years ago, figuring that it would make my gaming experience completely wicked.

Here’s the problem: The thing was so big that my eyes had to constantly dance all over the screen to take it all in. End result? I ended up with headaches until I switched back to a traditional monitor.

I’ve since found that anything over about 23 inches is too big for this very reason. Which is why I use dual 23’s now.


Any old jellyfishers on here today?

I have a 22’’ now,just can not jusify buying this,but I feel in my bones,I want this soooo bad.

What brand are these?