Famous Maker 25” Widescreen 1080p LCD Monitor with HDMI

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Famous Maker 25" Widescreen 1080p LCD Monitor with HDMI
$199.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

Product List:

  • 1 Debranded TS-25M9 25" LCD Monitor with DVI/HDMI

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In case you were wondering, it’s an HP.

Lizard King!

can you use this as a tv too or just a monitor?

Got this last time and it looks GREAT! It does have a glossy finish but I like that.

Debranded perhaps, but it sure bears a strong resemblance to my HP :slight_smile:

Sadly, now you have to be executed. As well as anyone who reads this post. Wait, not me, you fools! gack

Will this decode and play the sound from HDMI?

You can use this as a TV if you can connect with DVI or HDMI.

$40 less than other retailers, so the price is right

HP doesn’t want their name associated with refurbished products. Thus they have another company do it and they use their name.

It’s an effort to protect their brand.

Not to bad a price, it’s $230 here

I have one very similar to this from the Wootoff awhile back.

It is essentially a TV without a tuner. It has HDMI/DVI/Analog hookups and works very well as a monitor. I like mine a lot.

I’d buy it again if the opportunity came.

Maybe JUST maybe they sell MORE OF THEM.

Pile on guys and girls. I have this monitor and love it.

Monitors in this size and quality typically sell for a street price of $325 or better. The exact monitor had an MSRP of $399 not long ago (one year) and still sells for $300 these days.

I got one of these in an earlier sale, and this de-branded HP monitor rocks. Is loaded with plus features. It is only being sold at discount because HP has a new year’s lineup coming out and the old stock has to go.

Looks great at 1920x1080. Text very readable for these old eyes. Auto input detection works great. The HDMI input works with the latest video cards and outputs from DVD players and new cable boxes, so it doubles as a TV. Of course it also has DVI and VGA inputs. You can hook up all 3 inputs and use the Source button to switch between them, on-the-fly.

I recommend it highly, and I base that on a very high level of experience acquired over 35 years.

BTW – HDMI cables can be 10-20 feet long, though 3-6’ is the norm. You can also buy a DVI-HDMI cable, to allow hooking up two computers using purely digital connections or for use with certain cable boxes that had DVI outputs. Check NewEgg.

See the NewEgg search results here.


Toss in the weird snake thing and I’m in for three! Woot!

The ‘branded’ version of this (2509m) has good reviews on Amazon.


$239.99 at several websites some with free shipping. So, looking at about a 34.99 savings. Not too bad if you’re looking for a new monitor. Don’t need one though…pass.

I purchased a similar “de-branded” monitor the 25W8hc. I used it for my game room and the xbox 360 via HDMI and it looks great. The two problems I ran into was the remote doesn’t and never worked (yes I changed the batteries) and the sound is very odd, once you go over 5 the sound is loud but doesn’t really change all the way to the max setting and the speakers being on the back throw the sound away (it is almost louder in other rooms than in the room it is hung).

I realize this is another model but I would expect similar out of this one… a good price though.