Famous Maker 25” Widescreen 1080p LCD Monitor with HDMI


A monitor monitor?

Made by (a) Famous Maker
Definitely not made by a generic brand, right?

It’s on again? Woot-tastic

the lights stopped flashing. Is the Woot-off all done?

Thats pretty cheap for a lizard!!!

Hit Ctrl-F5

I thought these would be gone before you could say “debranded HP.”

I got the 23" Monitor off Woot a few months ago. So far there are no problems and the picture is great. Replaced my Sony 20" CRT.

Are Buckets of Chum typically a once-per-woot-off kind of thing?

is this a different model so as to be $ 60 cheaper than last offering by the “Famous Maker” ??

Update :: at the least, this lacks the onboard MemCrd reader and the webcam built in for $60 less…

Does anyone have any serious input on this model. I’m in dire need of a replacement for my 15", but refuse to overpay. I don’t care about online gaming, if i can hook it up to my microwave, etc. Is it worth 200 bones.

Why do they debrand the HPs?

Can anyone tell me how you actually connect a monitor to your computer and does it do anything other than being a large monitor?


There is no typical with woot. They’ll do their best to keep from getting bored.

Typically, but this w00t-off seems anything but typical.

Thanks! I hit ctrl and F5, and the lights started flashing again. The mystery of it all.

don’t think it has audio out.
only has audio in

so if use use this w/ a console w/ hdmi
you stuck w/ the monitor speakers unles you use external splitter of some sort


what did you have in mind?

Wasn’t this thing on about 3 hours ago?
Must be Woot’s recycling program…