Famous Maker 25” Widescreen 1080p LCD Monitor with HDMI

look gere

that wont work everyday.

No the lights are just not flashing due to laggy connection.

I recently purchased one of these previously on woot! It’s literally a debranded HP 2509M (the logo on the front was covered but it wiped away real easy and you can read it clear as day), which is $400 new on amazon. No dead pixels, great bargain.

cuz they are a sub par refurb and hp does not want phone calls, or the bad rep when they fail…

100% confirmed.

This is the 1080p version (16:9) vs. previous (16:10) – which I prefer in a monitor. Still not bad.

kinda looks like an HP brand on the pic, but… I have a hunch that there’s more than one brand, or they’d have named them, no?

Depends on how creative you can get. Doorstop, pastry board, zombie smasher…But as for connecting, just find out which of the cables has ends that looks like it matches one of the ports on your computer, and connect the other end to the matching port on the monitor. Most computers have at least one of the three ports this monitor supports. :slight_smile:

Lots of things, but sometimes you just don’t know what they are.

This version also doesn’t have all the goodies of the last one… web cam, card reader, USB hub, extra hdmi port, etc… It’s just a monitor with speakers…

its only 1080p for a 25 inch monitor wait it out the resolution is way too small for the size plus reviews of the non de-branded say that it has terrible color reproduction(i.e. non color accurate)

Can you use one of these with a laptop?
Sorry, I just don’t understand all the new stuff with computers - what works with what.

Can anyone tell me what happened to the Cleveland ladies golf clubs that were shown when I first logged in today about 15 minutes ago?? I tried to order one and the computer monitor popped up instead. What gives?

urgh, can’t decide if i should buy this

i can haz the fear with 90 warranty

I was contracted by Woot to debrand these LCD’s. I was instructed to wrap a rope around the base and pull it face-down behind my car for a round trip of 1.2 miles.

Nope, they’re debranded HPs. HP won’t let them sell them with the logo intact, or use it in advertising. This is either because of the price, because they’re refurbished, both, or maybe just to confuse us. (But I’d bet against the latter – they confuse us quite enough with interrupted and/or closely-spaced woot-offs.)

That would mean the clubs sold out.

Those golf clubs just screamed outta here… you must have just missed them.

Generally, yes. Just about all of them have a VGA output, and some have DVI and/or HDMI as well.