Famous Maker 25” Widescreen 1080p LCD Monitor with HDMI

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I have the same monitor (23") that I just bought from http://www.geeks.com/ and it’s treating me very well. I got mine for 174.99 including shipping so this price seems to be very fair.
If I hadn’t just bought an upgrade from my old CRT I’d totally snag it!
Oh, it’s a debranded HP btw…

Two weeks ago I bought a 21.5 inch 1080p famous maker monitor from another vendor. I have been using it for a couple of days and it is beautiful. It looks new and works like new. I was worried that a refurbished HP monitor might have issues, thankfully, I am happy with my decision to buy it.

If you don’t already know, Famous Maker is a refurbished and rebranded HP product. My monitor had all of the HP labels removed and/or covered up by stickers. I pulled the stickers off to get the original HP product number.

I bought this one for the same price and is not a refurb (one inch doesn’t make any difference)

I got this same monitor when it wooted previously. I have been nothing but delighted with it. No problems at all.

Likewise. I love that gorgeous giant screen.

Don’t forget that Squaretrade warranties are 20% off these days with the code SPRINGSAVINGS, or you can wait a few weeks and they’ll probably drop to 30% again.

I’ve had this monitor for about a year (bought on woot for $285). This is a great deal. Just ordered another for my Dad’s office. One of the best deals this site has ever offered.

Will this work with the Nvidia 3d vision? (assuming I have a compatible graphics card)

Here it lays at Newegg

Absolutely fantastic monitor for the price. Bought it previously from Woot and I absolutely LOVE this thing! Amazing image quality. The only problem I had was mounting the base after I removed it from its packaging. Hint: The base didn’t NEED mounting after being removed from packaging - just an easy tilt backwards. The documentation was a little sketchy. No big deal. A quick trip over to HP’s website showed the base’s proper orientation - four screws back in and all is good.

If you’re looking for extra screen real estate, buy this monitor - you won’t be disappointed. No dead pixels, no bad mojo - just a great piece at a great price. Rock on, Woot!

Meh, only one HDMI port. Sell me something with at least two and you’ve got a buyer Woot.

At least 2 reviewers say that this is the Product Website for the non-debranded model.

I believe these are the HP 2509 rebranded. Sells for $299 at radioshack. http://www.radioshack.com/product/index.jsp?productId=4109088&CAWELAID=496643480
Looks just like the one I have at the office which is a hp 2509. That monitor is sweet great picture, bright, vivid, and the sound is okay not great. I was thinking about putting 3 monitors on my gaming rig. In for 3! Thanks Woot!

could i use this as a tv?

It is a good thing the non-detachable base is removable. :slight_smile:

Again, Woot, why with the not-telling-what-kind-of-screen-it-is-ness.

Shiny or matte?

I was just looking into that myself. So far, it looks like you can buy a TV tuner for your computer, then run the TV program through this monitor.

I was just hoping to use it as a nice looking bedroom tv, I’m hesitant to buy it without knowing for sure though.

They have these (new of course) at my local Costco right now for $279, so this is a sweet deal as long as the refurb doesn’t do me wrong. I almost bought one there yesterday. Glad I didn’t - in for one here today.

It has a glossy screen, which while it has a lot of glare, is super sharp and has a great contrast ratio. The glare won’t bother me too much in my case b/c I don’t have a window or other light source behind me in my office. The HP was noticeably better than the other monitor I was thinking of buying, the Samsung P2450, which is also great but it has a matte finish, and it just isn’t as sharp and bright as the HP. Nor were the viewing angles as good. I have been tempted to buy one of these for a long time and have missed it on the last couple woot-offs. Deluxe timing for me - thanks woot!