Famous Maker 25” Widescreen 1080p LCD Monitor with HDMI

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Famous Maker 25” Widescreen 1080p LCD Monitor with HDMI [Refurbished] - $199.99 + $5 shipping

1 * Debranded TS-25M9 25” LCD Monitor with DVI/HDMI

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Looks like an HP to me.

that’s a strange tag to close…?

Here it is at NewEgg

and at geeks.com

Selling plumbers crack?

“Famous Maker”'s Product Website

Wanna use it as a gaming PC monitor? Check out this setup on YouTube.

I’ve got 3 various sizes of these monitors, and they’ve all been flawless. Computer monitor or TV, they’re awesome. If you’re worried about the Refurb part, don’t be. You can’t beat these for the price.

Does the wallpaper come with it?

Why, oh why, would someone tatoo a closing list item tag on their back? Maybe the opening tag is on the front…

Think I saw this one at costco for $259… New of course.

Newegg listing… New w\Reviews


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I think I just figured it out. Someone obviously told him to “list the ‘clothes’ on your back.” And so he did. Sorta.

What do I win?

Looks like permanent marker to me.

I got the 23" version just a few weeks ago… so far, very good.

I do miss the features of my previous (Dell) monitor. These HP monitors don’t have adjustable height stands, they don’t swivel, they don’t rotate, they don’t have a built in USB hub… but they are pretty good at displaying 1920x1080 60hz.

I did have one frustration with mine when I got it. Since it was the HDMI version, my video driver assumed it was a TV and enabled overscan -leaving me with about half an inch of unused screen all the way around. It took me a few minutes to find the right driver setting to get my full screen real estate. This model is NOT the HDMI version, so it should not have any such difficulty.

Buy one -you wont regret it… unless they put up a similar deal for an even larger size just a few days later.

I had purchased the 24" back in August '09, that had the swivel base. I was using it as a HDMI HD TV/PC monitor. Very nice, but not as fast GTG response as this one. Also the on/off button lost the indication light. Just cracked the display last weekend and was forced to use a 23" as a replacement. I’m understandably very happy to see this bigger 25" up for sale today. I just purchased one. I’m almost tempted to do the dual monitors, but no room.

I’ve purchased multiples of the 23" and one or 2 of the 20" and everyone I either resold to, or gave one as away as presents have been very happy with the monitors.

Too bad Newegg is sold out, though.

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