Famous Maker 25” Widescreen 1080p LCD Monitor with HDMI

Woot must have a lot of these HP monitors.

I bought one about a year ago. They are very good monitors.

Price went up though, didn’t it? Mine was a 22", I think, and it was $99.

But as I recall, these 25" versions were about $140 or so.

What’s his noodle (night rider, vampire or ghost. Sorry, forgot the name) will set me straight on what was what on “previous Woots.”

Anyone notice in the Specs that it says the base is not removable on one line and then says it is on another?

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The specs also don’t say anything about HDMI. Just VGA and DVI.

never heard of Famous Maker is that a good brand? :slight_smile:

“Get enhanced connectivity to your PC with the VGA, DVI-D and HDMI”

These are HP monitors. On the back of the monitor I have and others that have been on Woot, there’s a BIG “HP” emblazoned in the plastic on the entire back panel. LOL.

These are on HP’s support pages too.

Near as I can tell (from my dim memory) Woot has had these from sizes 20" up to 25" (maybe there was a 28" too, or I may have that confused with the TVs that Woot also seems to have a lot of).

Yes, but not in the specs - “Signal Input Connector: VGA; DVI-D with HDCP”

Or in this case, on the front. In silver.

Like. Want. Can’t afford at the moment. Whine.

I’ve had one about 6 months it’s been great so far. Replaced a 22" Gateway - the extra 3 inches makes a difference.

Mine was in a box ready to be stored in the basement. I dragged it out for some pics of the “HP.”

On seeing it, I remember now, it has a DVI connector, not HDMI, so that’s one difference between mine (for $99) and this Woot. (In addition to this being a 25".)

Also, if you rub off the laundry marker on the right, lower front of the panel, the HP model name will show up.

I’ll post pics of the “famous maker” markings. :slight_smile:

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I have the 27 inch version of this I got from Woot. Looks great. The LCD part feels like it is hollow and could easily be broken though

Product Website

Original Model #HP 2509m

Oh, additionally, mine for $99 was also a 20", not 22" as I thought. So this Woot, for $100 more is HDMI and 25"

Here is the back panel. HP or whoever put a big piece of black plastic tape (a little thicker than tape) to cover this huge “HP.” I simply peeled it off and used WD40 to clean up the glue residue.


Here is the front, lower right of the panel where I rubbed off the black marker I guess HP applied to disguise these.


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