Famous Maker 27” LCD Monitor with HDMI

Now you just have to watch out for the goddesses. :slight_smile:

sure, you called it. and dont call me moly

I was looking for an Infamous Maker monitor…:frowning:

No,wait…Mark Hurd!

SHHHHHHH…its a secret.

That’s not a very good resolution for a 27" monitor… Looks like they’re just takin a 27" TV and trying to pass it off as a monitor.

Also, no energy star? wtf is with that? Probably took effort to do that with an LCD.

Another High Def product being sold without High Def cables. Monitor supports HDMI and DVI, but comes with a cheap-ass VGA cable.


Yep, debranded HP:


I bought this model a few months ago. It works great. The only negatives would be a very glossy finish and the monitor can shake considerably when people walk by it. The base is not the best for a monitor this size.

I feel like a moron but what makes somthing “debranded”?

I am looking at this monitor as we speak; sharp, clear, and easy to configure. It was my first woot several months ago.

No warranting this here, but I am pretty sure it is an HP. I have an HP on my other computer, and all of the controls are labeled exactly the same, and the firmware interface is the same with all of the same fonts, etc.

I love the HDMI with Windows 7 64-bit because it automatically configures the monitor to the best resolution - ideal for dual screen action.

Thanks, Woot!

Argh! I already have too many monitors but I want this so bad! I could have the biggest monitor at work!

This woot-off needs more cat pictures!

How did you make it a TV?

The fine people of Platex make several products that might help some of you here.

Get a life or grow a set… either could be beneficial.

If you’re asking if you need a blu-ray player then I’m going to guess you don’t. Do you have an HD TV? Is it 720p or 1080p?

The only thing that can take full advantage of blu-ray quality is a 1080p TV.

The bottom line is it all depends on what you’re looking to do.

how big is this puppy?

8.41’’ deep? is that normal?

I have two of those and two of the 23". Out of the 4 one stuck pixel. Pretty happy with the lot of them.

This entire Woot Off is HD all the way

Monitor? Only if you sit about 42" away (it’s just 87 ppi).

m0n0lyth you totally called it…they must be listening