Famous Maker 27” LCD Monitor with HDMI


ohh 27 incher this time!

60 Hz :frowning:

This is on my wall in my bedroom. Awesome tv. Great picture. Great price.

Works as a computer monitor also.


One of the more decent woots recently!

I own this monitor, looking at it right now. Great monitor, but I don’t know that you can’t find a better price elsewhere with all the price cutting that is going on out there.

Now if only they would sell a computer to go with it.


$350 new

I have the 25" version. It is almost too big. I use is in combination with the SiliconDust HDHomeruun (sold earlier in this woot-off) and use it to watch TV across the room.

And yes, it is an HP.

Worth the money if you have it!

Anyone else having trouble with wooters.us? I like to keep them going too while I’m wrapping Christmas presents so their sound effects alert me when to run to the computer for the next fabulous deal!

Product: 1 TSSI TS-27M10 27” LCD Monitor with HDMI

Condition: Refurbished

Price: $249.99 $5 shipping

That’s a gigantic monitor…

Also I like the picture of the box. That seems to be a very important aspect of purchasing :smiley:

Sort of want…

1920x1080 is a total waste of 27 inch space.

Have 2. - love them both

How did Woot get a picture of my neighbor’s van?

So, Famous Maker, is this a debranded monitor? an HP?

It’s an HP, I have the 25.5" that was sold on Woot this past summer. Very good brightness and color, I just wish they still made them in the 16:10 aspect ratio instead of 16:9.