Famous Maker 27” Widescreen 1080p LCD Monitor with HDMI

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Famous Maker 27” Widescreen 1080p LCD Monitor with HDMI [Refurbished] - $269.99 + $5 shipping

1 * Debranded TS-27M9 27” LCD Monitor with HDMI/DVI

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I have the 24" version. If you don’t mind a glossy screen, and blacks that aren’t uldradeep, you’re good.

Oh, and it’s an HP.

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Here it is at geeks.com

and the Product Website of the “famous maker.”

This price wouldn’t be bad if it weren’t refurbished. As it is, not really a great deal. I’ve seen larger, better quality for only slightly more… it seems there’s never any really good deals on woot when it comes to LCD monitors. I paid about this price 3 years ago for a 22" samsung brand new. Yes 5 more inches would be nice, but I’ve seen too many failed HP laptops to have much faith in anything bearing an HP brand.

CNET isn’t crazy about it, but the users like it pretty well: http://reviews.cnet.com/lcd-monitors/hp-2709m/4505-3174_7-33743815.html

I donno. I got the 24 inch with 1920x1200 on 8/19/2009 and it was less than $200. 1920x1080 probably wouldn’t look that good on a 27 inch.

wasnt the 25inch for 200 a few days ago?

oh and if it looks good on my 47inch HDTV then im definately sure it will look good on a 27inch if not better…

If you are sitting extremely close to the 27" LCD then 1080P resolution will help. If you are using it in a living room environment then a 720P set would be perfectly adequate.

According to the full specs on “famous maker’s” website, this set has a 160/160 degree viewing angle.

This means it has a lower quality panel than the 4 year old 27" Viewsonic HDTV I just sold on Craigslist for $150.

For this kind of money the stand could at least have more adjustments…

I have the smaller version of this monitor as well. Performance was excellent with one disappointment; at 6 months permanent, vertical, bright colored lines appeared on my screen. Proceed with caution.

Computer monitors typically offer a narrower viewing angle than do TVs, since there will usually be a single user (or maybe 2) sitting directly in front of the screen.

I just did a rather unscientific study of screen resolutions, simply by changing the resolution and then performing various tasks at the different settings. I normally run my “famous maker” 30 inch monitor at 2560x1600, so I tried it first at 1920x1200, and then 1920x1080.

My impression is that there is a small difference, but, once windows have been re-sized, I wouldn’t notice it were I not consciously making a comparison. I was surprised by that result - I thought I’d see a more noticeable difference.

For some applications, I even preferred the lower resolution better - fixed sized windows are bigger, and therefore easier on the eyes, at 1920x1080.

And of course, 1920x1080 is optimized for full HD video.

Caution = SquareTrade?

No glossy screen for me and being a HP it’s a no sale.

Keep in mind that with a max resolution of 1920×1080 everything on the screen will be bigger yes, but you will not be able to fit any more things on the screen at one time as you could with a 24 inch monitor.

Bigger windows - Yes
More desktop real estate than a 24 monitor - no

Yes,and the last wootoff also.I bought mind from the wootoff,and been useing it the last two weeks,and it is large,great picture.my 25" is best for me,and I think the 27" would be to close for me,with my small computer desk.I would buy this for my wife,but she said,she likes her 22" Viewsonic.

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