Famous Maker A10 Quad-Core Desktop w/ 1TB HD

Look an awful lot like HPs to me.

If they are, these chunks of metal are great workhorses for general household use. (* Note, I do NOT support HP laptops at all, having both been burnt as a consumer and seeing how they themselves will avoid using their own brand, preferring to lease DELL instead for their developers who are already on a lease.)

Adding memory is a synch if you know how to open the case. But the killer is the power supply / video card combo that really needs an upgrade given that many folk will have multiple windows/browsers open, occasionally with multiple stream open. Need a more robust video card for that. For the cost and pains to get the right size power supply, it’s worth it to pop out another $200 for one with it already built in.

Nope. It’s absolutely Famous Maker.