Famous Maker AMD Quad-Core Slimline Desktop

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Famous Maker AMD Quad-Core Slimline Desktop
Price: $179.99
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Condition: Refurbished


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Time to learn all about the processor

Any idea whether it can be migrated back to Win7?

Does this unit come with an SLI option?

bought one over Xmas and it was faulty still waiting for woot response buyer beware

It’d be great for a general use or even media pc, but I’m passing because of the power supply. The 65W brick that comes with it is nothing more than a laptop power supply which I’ve seen die much easier (kinked cables, too sensitive to surges even when on a strip, kitties chewing on the cord).
Worst part from my experiences with the HP clones, or vise-verse, is that you can’t even put in a standard 3-prong mini-itx power supply in. The manufacturer rivets that space shut, see 2nd picture at the bottom.

Good to see “famous maker” back for the daily deals though. BRING BACK THE FAMOUS MAKER MONITORS WOOT!!! I NEED ANOTHER 27"

Based on that “world” sticker over the brand, the brand is the two capital letter brand. But they will deny it. And so will I.

I don’t know who the manufacturer is, but the AI (aka OS) is so demanding and yet needy, that it has to be Win 8.

Can an additional video card be installed. Would this system be good for a media server?

Would this support a second monitor? I’ve got some friends who could use this to work from home, but they’d need to run two monitors.

I basically want to make a cheap DVR for my mom as her final converter box which heats up to 100+ degrees is finally dying, ending the use of her VCR. (She doesn’t want to pay monthly fees for a DVR and knows perfectly well how to set a timer. I’ve got a USB tuner which supposedly has the software required already, but have yet to test it.)

Aside from the possible need for extra drive space down the road, (which I worry the anemic power supply may not be able to provide for) does this seem suitable for the job?

It is definitely HP

SimMayor: I don’t think so. I tried to find something to indicate that this was possible, but I couldn’t. I’ve used dual monitors on discrete video cards, but never on integrated. Hopefully someone pops up with a good answer - I’m curious now.

cappo: Probably, although I doubt it would be very user friendly. I’ve never used a working TV tuner, though. The power supply and small form factor will limit your upgrade capabilities. You could hook up an external drive to it, but they’re slow.

Agreed. The form factor screams low-end HP slimline.

Normally she tends to record the news and the day’s shows, watch them before bed and then tape over them the next day (or maybe two or three days worth if shes busy, not much more) so depending on the bitrate (I don’t know it) I may not need to worry about upgrading it at all.

As for how user friendly it is… I haven’t looked at the software yet. I think it’s a version of Hauppage’s Win TV software that came with it. But it has to be at least a decade advanced past the last time I had Hauppage software.

Edit: Went back and looked. It’s a Dell branded Hauppage tuner.

I don’t understand why it couldn’t be flashed back to win7, it’s just a base computer, they all use hard drives.

Want learn about the CPU try this: AMD A4-5000 CPU Passmark Benchmark

This is definitely an HP slimline pc…The fact that it has been de-branded tells me it is a second generation refurb…meaning it was a refurb that has been returned a second time…either that,or they have been refurbished by a non-HP authorized refurbisher…either way.I would be VERY leary of this item.

I’ve built several HTPCs using refurb slimline desktops like this. Mine have been Intel core 2 duo with 4 GB ram, so this quad core should be plenty. But I’d avoid this PC because: no expansion slots if you ever want to add a video card; 65 Watt power supply is super-limiting; Windows 8 is fine, but if you want to use Microsoft Media Center as the DVR software, you’ll need to pay for the add-on (I think it’s $10). Media Center comes free with Windows 7.

Newegg has a ton of refurb PCs like this. You should be able to find something suitable for $125 or so (maybe with a smaller hard drive), then put the money you save toward a new hard drive.

This is a good deal on Newegg right now:

PC on Newegg