Famous Maker M.2 Solid State Drives 1TB

Smells like Samsung.

Something gives me a thought that this product is made by Samsung. It might just be me, looking at Samsung SSDs since yesteryear, but something just gives me this thought

Samsung 850 EVO, $361.51 new on Amazon?


Sure is hard to ignore this deal with the 850 EVO SSD going for $320!

I don’t even have a mobo for this puppy. I guess we’ll just go to the beach together or something…

Is the 1TB drive really a M.2 drive? The specs say it’s a mSATA…

"Included Contents: SATA III (6GB/s) mSATA SSD & User Manual "

The site advertises it as an M.2 drive with an M.2 drive pictured - fairly sure that’s the flavor we’ll get - Most likely the person writing the listing failed to differentiate between msata and M.2 on SATA bus (which the 850 evo m.2 is)

quoted read/write spec matches msata though, so could be a different model? Or spec is wrong…

Could it be an M.2 connector that is using the SATA interface instead of PCI-E(nvme)?

Has anyone ordered one? Can someone confirm that it is in fact M.2 and not msata? I’m confused…

Hi all. We finally heard back from the vendor. This is M.2.

I received mine yesterday. It is in fact a Samsung 850 Evo. It is an m2 SATA 6.0 drive, no NVMe.

Almost every refurb I’ve ever bought from Wiot, has gone bad.

HP PC (with shortened warranty) with multiple issues (WiFi card, MOBO).

AOC monitor with shortened warranty, which cost way too much for warranty repair shipping.

Some other crap I threw away.

Woot likes to resell rejects and it seems like refurbs they resell simply mean “tested for a minute=good.”

I wouldn’t touch this crap. SATA interface SSD’s experience too many errors. Perhaps they’re good for booting up the PC and browsing the internet.