Famous Maker M.2 SSD NVMe 256GB

hmm. i can get a brand new Samsung 960 EVO Series - 250GB PCIe NVMe for $128… on amazon… did I miss something? Maybe this is the Pro version?

Bought the 1TB, 256GB, and 250GB on sale here. 1TB & 250GB I received were Samsung 850 EVO drives and the 256GB was a Samsung 950 pro.

Just purchased. Says it will arrive 8/17 so I will post back what I get that time. From the Reads and Writes along with the blurred picture. It appears that is a Samsung 950 PRO which would be an amazing deal. I’ll also check the lifetime to see how much this has been used.

I just received my yesterday. It indeed is a Samsung 950 Pro SSD and the one I received had less than 0.1 TB R/W which puts this device nearly new. Worth the buy

Would this work in the $299 Pavilion Wave that’s on the main Computers.woot page today?

Your motherboard needs to be able to support it, so probably not.

does anyone know if the “famous maker” honors any warranty for these drives or are we at the mercy of woot’s 90 day warranty

Just got the 256 GB in today, it’s a Samsung 950 Pro…which is an absolute steal at $109.99 even being refurbished. First time with a NVMe drive, wow these things are tiny!!

Got mine today - also Samsung Pro - had to upgrade firmware (through Samsung Magician software) but otherwise very fast drive.

Samsung 250GB 960 EVO NVMe M.2 (PCIe 3.0 x4 Interface) seems to have faster speed(Up to 3,200 MB/s Read Speed) than 950 pro and priced at $120. Is 950 Pro performs better than 960 evo (non-pro) version?

I bought the 960 evo. It’s much better than the pro for only a couple dollars more. The entire 960 line is cheaper than the 950 line on amazon.

More than likely, no. I work for a similar company and whenever one of our products is sold as used or refurbished through a reseller, our warranty is not in effect. Also, since the product page lists only a 90 day warranty through Woot, that makes me lean towards “no” as well.

Yep! 950 Pros. They have ‘Refurbished’ stamped on them too.