Famous Maker Monitors

Can someone explain to me why the 2 27" monitors have the same 27 inch diagonal length, the same aspect ratio, same resolution – 1920×1080, the same pixel dot pitch, 0.311 mm, but 80 and 100 pixels per inch?

The “Famous Maker 24” 1080p MVA LED Monitor" Says it has a display port and HDMI in the specs yet the picture shows only a DVI and VGA. Also, is there an audio out?

This sale?


Where are you seeing the display port & HDMI mentioned?

All I’m seeing in the specs:

DVI-D with HDCP: 1
VGA: 1

PS: Oh, I see the mistake on the 1080p LED (not MVA).
http://www.woot.com/offers/24-1080p-led-monitor-8 I’ll email for information.

Hmm, the mistake im seeing is for the MVA LED http://www.woot.com/offers/24-1080p-mva-led-monitor

In the specs it lists:
HDMI with HDCP: 1
DisplayPort 1.1: 1

But the 2nd picture only shows a DVI/VGA connection.

thanks for the help!!

Sorry for the confusion. Specs are correct and the pics were wrong. It has been corrected.

What he said. :tongue:


Ahhh sweet, thanks! makes alot more sense with the updated pictures lol.


IPS is nice.

1080p is blah.

4hd I’d be excited.

1920x1200 I might be interested.

1080p? zzzzz…

Do these have VESA mounts?

These refurbished are priced at almost the same cost as a new monitor or in some cases they cost more than a new monitor. For instance:

Acer G246HLAbd Black 24" 5ms Widescreen LED Monitor 250 cd/m2 ACM 100,000,000:1 (1000:1)

theres no more information anywhere online for these? I’m also interested in the MVA one. No brand name to speak of at all then?
It says it’s ‘great for viewing pics and videos’. but doesn’t specify if that means it has a little of that cheap software built in that will play mp4’s and jpegs. (plus a usb plug?). That’s hardly mentioned in these things except deep in the manual since it’s pretty common now but really important for me.
(I like it to be used for installations sometimes, where I can play video from a USB stick)

from the specs tab: “VESA Mounting: No”

Rogetray: is the name of the coffee shop “Central Perk”?

These are HP monitors… I can at least speak for the one that I bought, the silver 23". I have always been skeptical of Famous Maker looking a LOT like HP models.

When I received my monitor it was fairly clear to me that it was an HP. There was a big black padded sticker over the large HP brand on the back and on the front the globe sticker had the HP logo underneath it and the “HD Color Display” sticker was covering the model number Pavilion 23xi.

I dont recommend removing the stickers on the front! The globe sticker is kind of like a security sticker that has ribbons in it and tears easily when you pull it off leaving a lot of glue behind and the Pavilion 23xi model number was colored over with a permanent marker. I tried to remove the sticker glue and permanent marker (with googone) but it removed everything including the paint!

So in the end, the quality is there but you are not buying anything from Famous Maker. It sounds/looks like they have some type of agreement with HP to referb their monitors and then rebrand them.

*also, the packaging did not include anything as far as manuals or warranty information. Im sure making a warranty claim would be a real pain.

It would be nice if there were model numbers so we could research & find reviews before buying. For example, I’m trying to figure out what the deal is with the $160 24"; does it actually have speakers at the bottom, or else what’s going on with all that unnecessary space beneath the display? Also it would be especially helpful to find reviews for the $300 27" before spending that kind of money on an unknown model.

Sorry, it’s kinda part of the deal. :frowning:

its the ENVY, check it out 27 inch ips ENVY and u will see

Why limit it to 2 per customer? What if you want to do a 3 monitor setup? Using 3 20" monitors now and would like to upgrade but I need 3 identical monitors.