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HP 2101us.


Is 1GB enough RAM? I think my old phone had 1GB RAM and with all of the Google/Android stuff running in the background seemed to get bogged down. I think with my 2GB phone even if I clear out all of the cache and run just the bare-bones stuff it sits at 700-800MB.

For the extra $20 splurge on the HP Omni 10 5600us for $149

Hey Danm… In my opinion, NO 1GB is not enough. Start up any tablet 7"-10" and simply look at how much memory is being used before you even open any apps. I have a 7" tablet with 2 GB and it is fast. When I look at memory usage with no apps (other than settings) open, it is using 800 MB. Hopefully it won’t be long before the industry starts putting a standard 1.5-2 GB RAM in tablets.

Regarding the O10-5600US, I checked the reviews on the mothership. There are some major problems if you happen to get one of the problem children. People that have gotten a good one, love it. Do you feel lucky, punk ?

Or the industry should take better responsibility in optimizing their apps rather than asking the consumer to pay more.
When I first started doing mobile gaming, we did all the tricks in optimization to fit everything and ran good into a 64KB package… KB!


Thank you. I needed a laugh this morning.

Got the Omni 10 5600us. Apparently, it is DOA. Have tried every available button combo to get it to boot up. Will not do it, even after 12 hours on the charger. Gonna go to Microcenter and try another charger just in case that is it. Otherwise, this one is a bust.

Received my Omni 10 yesterday.
Upgraded to Win10 last night.

So far, so good. Battery life seems stellar. Unit looks like brand new (except for FUGLY sticker covering the HP logo on the back).

The thing absolutely flies.

Outstanding value for $150!!