Well reels and trash cans have been done, could Team Mouse be next?

here’s a video with a demonstration. pretty nifty. i love football.

The Penn State Basket was recalled as some parts were unsafe for children.

So expensive for a trash can, yet I am still tempted…


Any chance of a team from the West? What’s with the East Coast Bias?

mmm not an sec nor acc fan

need more big ten/others!

Am I the only one who would rather have an open-topped trashcan so I can just throw stuff in it?

I guess I should be proud they decided not to offer any of my favorite teams at such a huge discount.

I am loving the photo and imagining the cacaphony of screaming monkeys and competing fight songs!!! :smiley:

Thank goodness there isn’t a Maryland can, so I don’t have to try to decide if it’s worth it to have a gift for my love-all-things-Terrapin in-laws.

HOw is this worth 99 bucks? And even worse, how could it be worth over 200 for original price? Wow.

Alabama one isn’t current…should have 14 on it, not 13!

You gotta watch the video. It’s all electronic and stuff.

yea how many of the 13 were real vs claimed. I guess you’re from alabama and we shouldn’t expect you to know that much.


That being said, I tend to like one hundred dollars more than I do College Football related garbage cans.

How big is this thing? That video that someone posted made it look 4’ high, but it purposefully didn’t show if the can was sitting on a desk.

Really, you’re going to include FSU and Clemson but not Virginia Tech?

Must I remind you who has dominated the conference in the last 8 years?

In the video linked above, the representative from the company selling the cans said that “it’s about a 6-gallon container”.

For an imperfect point of reference, here are a couple pictures that I found through Google which show 6-gallon containers and people opening them with their legs.

  1. Clicky
  2. More Clicky

70-33. At least you can buy a trash can Clemson… Oh look West Virginia just scored again!

And Va Tech has dominated the ACC 8 years thats like saying some kid dominated the Special Olympics for 8 years! Really when was the last time va tech beat a non acc team they weren’t heavy favorites? Boise st? No. LSU? No. Michigan? No. James Madison? …

This is college football, not NBA basketball. All the best teams are in the South.