Fancy Fancy Tabletop

I just don’t see the built-in handles on the Rachael Ray stuff as a useful feature. You need to use a pair of mitts to pull it out of the oven anyway, and it’s going to occupy a lot more space in the cabinets. Not to mention the constraint it imposes in your oven if you’re trying to bake more than one thing or even baking on the middle rack and you have to remove the top rack.

Yeah, right…the egg tray is ‘sold out’. Who uses an egg tray? seriously!

The Rachel Ray stuff is being badly misrepresented…at least the mugs. I just received two sets of 4 mugs in their original packaging and clearly on the front : THEY’RE STONEWARE. Stoneware is not porcelain as represented in the description. Porcelain is all I buy for coffee mugs as it doesn’t get as hot in the microwave. I’m really disgusted - but will keep and give away.

:smiley: especially in purple :smiley:

Ack, you are correct. I’m sorry for the error. Feel free to email for assistance.

Truthfully, I should’ve known better, by the style if nothing else. True they were misrepresented but I compounded the error by not really paying close enough attention. At any rate, thank you for the response but they’re still a good deal. I’ve already assigned them to the Christmas present pile. :slight_smile: