Fancy Feast Chicken Feast Gourmet Cat Food

Was the can dented?

YOU WEAR PANTS!?!? I’ve been shopping wrong for soooo long.


Well I don’t want my butt to stick to the plastic.

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Top bag of what?

Ice. Those coolers in front of the Kwik-E-Mart holds bags of ice you can purchase.

Ice comes from ice dispensers of freezers.

Ok, tell you what. I’ll drive you over to the Kwik-E-Mart and you can crawl inside one and see if it’s a freezer.

Can I get a Squishee?


In the comics, there’s a story which runs backwards, and it involves a massively mega Squishee which was pulled because of the size.

There’s an ice maker in your room at my place. All the ice you want.

But do you have ice for your ice?

Confused Ice Cream GIF by Tide