Fans, Air Purifiers & Steam

I’m looking for a steam mop for our newly refinished hardwood floors.

Based on the reviews on Amazon ( this one isn’t it.

Most significant is the fact that too many reviews noted that the cleaning pad comes off during use.

I’ve been on the fence over buying a particular Lasko fan, found out that the whole ionizer thing is not only bad for you, but that the ionized air isnt great on some plastic/rubber materials (and i have collectibles).

Really want that fan but not using a feature on it seemed like a waste, so i’m hoping that getting a fan with an actual filter and UV bulb will be the kind of overkill i’m looking for. Really tired of all of this dust (house has 3 cats), and i’m pretty sensitive to smells so hoping for the best.

I am surprised anyone is still hawking ion spewers. They have been shown to cause lung irritation and one almost killed one of my cats who had bad lungs to start with. Had to have her in an oxygen box until the irritation went away. Be warned.

anyone else get a completely hammered dyson fan? i bought an am02, and it arrived in a fully intact shipping box (double boxed… not even so much as a scratch on the outside, so i know this wasnt a shipping issue)… but the unit is just thrashed. im sure it will work fine… but i didnt just spend $150+ on a fan that needs to be sanded and repainted.

and of course… i notified woot of the issue last week. still havent heard a single word about it.

rest of the images are in a gallery here:

I’m very sorry for the late reply and to hear that you received your purchase in the condition you showed above.
I recommend that you email into Woot Member Services at and let them know what you encountered. They’ll be able to help answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Just got mine today and the box was perfect. Opened it up and I noticed within 2 seconds the cord wasn’t twist tied. Then, as we pulled it out of the box, it started falling apart. Almost everywhere there was a screw, it was broke from the plastic. Didn’t have a brooklet and didn’t even have what I assume would be something to hold the water. The inner compartment was bare. Total return is what I got!

i have emailed them twice now… ive gotten notifications that someone will contact me within 24 hours, but nobody has.

Woot Member Services is more than likely currently receiving a high volume of emails.
I would recommend that if you don’t hear back by tomorrow to repost here and let us know.

I would also check the spam folder of your email provider as sometimes their responses get filtered there.

woot is whitelisted, so that isnt an issue.

still havent heard back. this marks day # 4 since contacting them

As RogetRay mentioned, they’re kinda overflowing in emails right now with Thanksgiving, the Black-Friday woot-off, the weekend, etc. If you could give them a bit more time, we’d appreciate it.

so… you didnt plan ahead to have adequate staff during the holidays??? seems a little short sighted.

i think at this point, if i havent heard back by tomorrow, im filing a complaint and charging back the sale back via my credit card company.

yet another day without any word from customer service. this is well past ridiculous at this point, and is starting to appear more like ive been ripped off.

letting you know, i still havent heard from them. i’ll give it til noon, but then im filing fraud charges with my credit card company. this is ridiculous. it shouldnt take almost a week to get a response on an issue.

I’m getting them to email you now. You should get an email pretty soon.

Add another dissatisfied customer to the roster. Received this completely damaged Rowenta iron and have also not heard back from customer service…

Did WOOT ever get in contact with you?

It can take a day or two for a response but they will get back to you. They’re kinda swamped with all the woot-off emails.

yes, they finally did yesterday. unfortunately, too late to matter as i had already filed against them.

but it wont take ‘a day or two’ as stated above (unless something has changed). it took 6 days for them to get back in touch with me… and all they did was ask what i wanted to do. who knows when it will be resolved. my response still hasnt been acknowledged - so it may be another week before they even start doing something about it.

if you paid via paypal (i thought i had paid via credit card… i guess not): be aware that they have falsified or outdated information on their paypal account (the phone is disconnected). paypal verified this, then immediately placed them in lock and escalated my case, removing all time limits.

honestly… i wouldnt hold your breath on getting any sort of timely reply.

so it took about a week for my first response… then it took them another week to respond to that. said they would refund me as soon as the paypal dispute was closed. thats done… now do i have to wait another week???

this really is insane that you make people wait weeks to get problems resolved. hell… there are warranties that could expire before you even handle the issue.

please get this resolved immediately.