Fans-tastic Fans-tasy

We’d need to mount these on beams across an 18-ft cathedral ceiling. These don’t have remotes. Does anyone know whether the external remotes will work for these, at least for fan SPEED? We won’t care about fan direction, as they’ll always be opposing, so as to get good circulation in a very-large room.

5,411 CFM Air Flow??? Will it power a hovercraft?

Second photo of the white fan is poorly photo-shopped. And I love it.

Wow. That’s pretty bad.

I particularly love the very clear reflection thing happening.

The question is, can anyone possibly afford to run the Hunter 27823?

It has 4,959 CFM, and a staggering efficiency of 74 W/CFM.

Quick math, carry the one, you’ll only need to supply 22,017 Kw/H to run this fan for one hour. At my current electricity rates, running this one hour a day for all of July… $61,430.11


You should be able to pick up a fan/light remote at your local Home Depot or Lowes. You can do this with most ceiling fans otherwise they usually come with there own controller or remote setup. When you purchase the Remote it will come with a control box that will get wired at the top of the fan at the ceiling behind the ceiling fan canopy.

I’m a master electrician in Me and NH