Fantastica Fightin' Falkors

Fantastica Fightin' Falkors

Fantastica Fightin' Falkors

I love that this design, knowing the artist, resembles a certain logo from my Alma Mater! Well done, ACL!

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Def thought of you, and knowing you’d know the inspiration :slight_smile:

Looks like a sideways t-bone steak to me.

This guy will eat anything!

I’ve been on this site for over ten years and this shirt made my heart skip a beat from joy! please make this a thing!!!

So glad this made you happy.
I really had no idea now Neverending Story would play here on woot, but the voters have seemed to respond well to it. With any luck (dragon) we’ll see a print some time this week. :slight_smile:

This is now on sale! :slight_smile:

Go Fighting T-Bone steaks!