Fantasy Football Hoodies Round II

This is NICE! Did not see my work though, anyway congrats to those who are chosen. =)

Dang. I was hoping Part II would have zip up hoodies. I don’t do pullovers.

Wonder if the “artiste” knows anything about N.O. or if he happened to hear about this critter in a noisy Bourbon Street bar one night real late. ANYWAY, for anyone interested in this local legend, he is the (le) Loup-Garou.
I’m tempted to buy it just to show how ignorant people can be. But IF he decides to correct it, the PLURAL form is (les) Loups-Garous. And he’s a WEREWOLF, for God’s sake, not a damned WOLF!!
Jeez, WOOT, do your homework!

Wish I would have gotten into all this from the beginning. I guess I totally missed the bus :frowning: