Far West Fungi Mushrooms Sampler (4)

Far West Fungi Mushrooms Sampler Pack
$49.99 $74.00 32% off List Price
(1) Shiitake Mushroom Mini-Farm
(1) Dried Wild Mushroom Mix, 4 oz.
(1) Shiitake Jerky, 3.5 oz.
(1) Black Truffle Oil, 60 ml


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Will it grow Magic Mushrooms?

I knew I wasn’t the only one wondering if these mushrooms can become magical

Found this company at the San Francisco Ferry building. Delicious.

I want but I don’t know what people actually do with these. It’d be pretty cool to be able to pull these out at a party in a unique way.

Unfortunately not. However it is preloaded to grow some very delicious organic Shiitake mushrooms!

The dried mushrooms and truffle oil are great to cook with. The mushroom jerky is a very tasty vegan/gluten free snack. The kit is very easy to grow and would be a great conversation piece at a party.

That’s also where I discovered the company.

Our store is open 7 days a week in the San Francisco Ferry Building. If you are ever in town try our new Shiitake Mushroom Jerky.(It is amazing!)

Yum! I love mushrooms. Bought a shiitake log from a local farmers market that bared fruit twice.

Go ahead and waste a few minutes with Super Troopers since we’re all thinking about mushrooms.

What are the instructions for the mushroom farm? About how big is it? Do I need to get a container for it?

I’ve got a black thumb, but I’ve always wanted a mushroom farm. My brother-in-law had one, it had one crop and then he promptly forgot about it and it dried out and died.

The mushroom kit comes with full instructions. The shiitake kits are very easy to grow. You basically take it our of the box and in about a week you will see
your first signs of mushrooms. It should be kept indoors in a room with indirect sunlight. They are about 5lbs and do not require a container.

Good company to deal with! I bought some black truffles from them for mother’s day and they were great. Really fresh and packed well. I’d be in but they come to my local farmer’s market.