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Do the glass mason jar sets come with lids? I’d think so, but the acrylic mason jar set specifically says that those items include lids.
So I wonder if the glass ones omit lids because there ain’t any. (Mason jar shopping brings out my inner ain’ter.) Also, the capacity of the acrylic mason jars is 16 ounces. What’s the capacity of the glass mason jars?

Are the straws plastic? They look paper . . . but that’d be ridiculous right?

They are 16 oz with no lids, just as you suspected!

They are plastic!

Based on the dimensions, I’d say those are pint jars.

Personally, while I think the acrylic ones are amusing, I spent my $10 on a cuppow and pulled a quart jar out of my canning supply pile and I use that for a drinking jug. :smiley:

I got this message when I tried to check-out:

This item cannot be shipped to AZ. Remove this item from your order.
16 OZ Jar Lid & Straw- Set of 4
Sold on Home.Woot
Condition: New
In Stock.

Instead of the milk and egg cartons I ordered, i got the mason jar Christmas lights. I’m slightly annoyed about this as this is the third time woot has messed up my order in recent memory. Anyone else get the wrong stuff?

I’ve written already to let them know.

I ordered the mason jars and they all came in red instead of each color that is shows. This is the third time that woot has messed up my order.

I’m sorry for the problem. Please email for assistance. Include your Woot username and order number for faster service.

I ordered the mason jar lights as a gift, had them shipped to a friend. Friend received an egg carrier with the invoice showing it cost $4.75. I paid $21+ including shipping/tax for the mason jar lights! What the ??? Friend received the egg thing on Friday, I emailed woot support, got a case number back and have not heard anything more from them. What the ???

We are aware of the issue and are working with the vendor on the resolution. CS will put your email on hold until they have something to tell you. Sorry for the booboo.

I ordered a wire rooster basket and got mason jar lights…sounds like I’m not the only one with an issue. I contacted woot via email

Hey all. New info hot off the press. The vendor discovered the error themselves while processing orders. They are sending the correct item to those of you received the wrong product. It’s a small number of orders that are affected.