Farmer Jon’s Caramel Popcorn

Farmer Jon’s Caramel Popcorn

Cookies and Cream?

Only $5 a pound for popcorn. What a deal!

That’s 9 pounds of caramel popcorn. In my 45 years of eating lots of crap food, there is no way I’ve come anywhere close to eating 9 pounds. For reference a normal sized box of Cracker Jacks is one ounce. Needless to say almost all of it is going to go bad before you can even think about eating it.

7 lbs, but still a feat that I’m willing to attempt.

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You are correct sir. Math fails me sometimes.


Has anyone actually tried this caramel corn?

Being from Des Moines, Iowa and Farmer Jon’s out of Breda, Iowa I have actually tried the Regular Caramel Corn it’s really good addictive once you open the bag it’s hard to put it down and just walk away. Also we’ve had the Caramel Apple flavored Caramel corn tastes just like a Caramel Apple also tried their multi colored around Christmas it was colored green and red and we’ve had the kettle corn also all good but got to say so far the Regular Farmer Jon’s Caramel corn is the best.