Farmer Jon's Savory Popcorn, 3 Pack

Farmer Jon's Savory Popcorn, 3 Pack

No caramel. No sale.


No caramel OR kettle…

I love popcorn.
I eat a LOT of popcorn.
$31 seems doesn’t sound like a fabulous deal to me.
am I missing something?


When’s the last time you went to a movie theater?

And yeah over priced.

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I have to agree. It looks yummy, but not so much so that I’d spend over $10 per container.


Roughly $15/lb for popcorn and that’s woot-off worthy? I’m in the wrong business.


February…I used to go once a week.

now, I do movie day at home once a week…popcorn for lunch that day. (popcorn for lunch at least two other days a week without movies.)

Wootoff killer. Almost $1/oz for POPCORN?!?

16 bucks a lb. No thank you.

I also hate that these multi-flavor deals always have (at least one) spicy variety, that I know we wont eat, so it’s a waste. :woman_shrugging:t2: