Farouk CHI Ceramic Hair Styling Flat Iron 1-Inch

My wife is a stylist, and she SWEARS by these, but she’s also seen more than a few knockoffs in her time. She mentioned that – very infrequently – Walgreens or Walmart will get their hands on some and run an insane deal like this, but no one seemed to know how, including the CHI rep she talked to. We’re in for a few, so that she can give them to friends who’ve been using inferior products, but if these are knockoffs woot can expect to hear from me in a timely fashion.

WTF? Why was this taken off the front page?

Nevermind. I see that they sold out and are offering another home.woot. Nice. I thought something had gone horribly wrong.

No, but as I said I steer clear of those with no feedback or those with 60% or 67% positive like those selling this product. Doubly true when it is a product with a history of having a knock-off being sold.

If a third-party seller has a 60% positive, then they have a whole lot of customers with problems. Even if Amazon is on my side, why would I want to enter in a transaction that has such a high probability of complications?

Yeah I agree with that. Just don’t let the fact that they’re a third party seller alone deter me

Just an update. I just got the CHI in the mail today for my girlfriend who’s been bugging me to get her one. Happy to say that it does look correct (from when I went to look at my hair stylist’s CHI). Correct plug, engraved markings and the LED light doesn’t stay on even when the iron is off. Although it did come damaged with a small chip on one of the corners. Will post pictures when I am able to.

I got one of these irons for the Woot deal. It came last week. According to my research on how to spot a fake CHI, this one is fake. Woot is refunding it for me but they are ignoring my email asking how they will address this with other customers who bought the same irons. The iron I received had a red indicator light (when turned off) unlike the picture on Woot’s deal. A real CHI will have a clear light when turned off (like the picture on Woot). Then the indicator light and the on/off button are on the same level. On a real CHI, the on/off switch will be on a step up higher level. The plug on this one made it look legit as it appeared to be a higher grade ones CHI uses. Also, on a real CHI, the model info will be engraved/molded on the inner part of the iron. The Woot one had a sticker.

See these links:


This situation has made me skeptical of wanting to buy any other high-end items from Woot. I was a huge Woot fan before this but my lack of faith in them now is disturbing.

Mystikalxxx, that’s great that it appears you got a real one; maybe their supplier stuck some fake ones in some of the boxes. I just wish Woot would address this issue and not ignore it.

I’m sorry to hear about your experience. I hope you’ll give us another chance, when you’re ready, of course. Please come back and keep us updated!