Fashion Bedding: Re-Style Yourself

Can you tell us if the comforter is thin or thick?

Love the Bella Rose set, but why does it have to be microfiber? The last microfiber I purchased for my guest room snagged badly in my front-load washer/dryer.

The GSM is listed on the specs.

Here’s information on GSM ratings in comforters.

Aww Man! I jumped and ordered a set a few weeks ago that I was sorely disappointed with. Had I know you guys were going to come up with some of these designs, I would have waited.

Really though - does anyone know if these are as fluffy as they appear? I’m really looking at another one and wouldn’t want to be bummed out twice.

Fabric: 100% Polyester Microfiber

Polyester allergy info:

People with TWIN and/or FULL size beds need love too! (…and new bedding!) Just sayin’…:wink:

For a full sized bed, I suggest always buy a queen sized comforter. You can tack the bedskirt to fit the full size bed.

Does anyone know on the Dorchester 8pc blue set if the accent color is dark chocolate brown or is it black? Thank you!

I’ll let you know as soon as I find out. :slight_smile:

UPDATE: Sounds like we’re going to have to check with our vendor in the morning. Our buyer thinks it’s brown, though. Unfortunately, we didn’t get a sample to look at.

I agree. I am thinking of getting the queen size for my full size bed but don’t really want to go through the hassle of adjusting the bedskirt.

All I’ve looked at show 100DSM be it the Zinfandel, Dorchester, Seville, etc. Yet the various styles appear to have varying thicknesses while the Seville appears to be MUCH thicker than others. Am looking for a thick winter comforter and the link previously provided indicates that 100DSM is rather light and recommended for warmer seasons so would simply like to verify that the DSM info displayed is, in fact, accurate before dismissing. TIA.